Saturday, May 31, 2008

Adam Graduates

Adam graduated from Pace University in NYC on May 21 and we spent a couple of days there. Time goes by so fast, it just does not seem possible that we now have a grandson old enough to be a college graduate.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Wonderful Week with The Killians

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On March 3rd I traveled to Leesburg, Florida to spend a week with my sister. It was a wonderful, relaxing week. Actually, the first I had in a long, long time. We slept till we were ready to get up, sat on the patio for hours just talking, got dressed around noon or later:o) Chuckie made sure we had lots to eat. I felt so at home I didn't want to leave. Thank you, Suzy and Chuckie, for a week in the sun and a wonderfully relaxing week.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am learning all about the blog and this time I hope it works. Adam graduated from Pace University in NYC last Wed and we all could not be prouder. Skipp and I along with Scott, Kiki, Sammy, and Karen went to Radio City Music Hall for the cermoney. And of course I cried (a lot).Adams Dad and other Grandparents and aunts went to, so he was well represented. We all had lunch after and a great time as had by all.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Special Girl in a Kazakhstan Orphanage

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It was after our Amanda became our guardian angel that Ken and I realized we had to put our energy into helping improve the life of a child who would probably spend her entire life in an orphanage. It was through one of my Yahoo adoption groups that we found Nina. Nina is eight years old and has two sisters. Her oldest sister aged out of the orphanage when she turned sixteen. Because she lives so far away, Nina never sees her. Ira is ten and very close to Nina. This is the first year they have lived together in the same orphanage, The Regional Boarding School. I know it may sound strange, but Ken and I have become very attached to Nina. She has a problem with her eyes. Therefore, her grades are not good. In Kazakhstan that classifies her as having a mental problem. Ken and I are trying to arrange for Nina to see an eye specialist in Russia. We feel strongly that if Nina's sight problem was dealt with, her grades would improve. Nina has spent many weeks in a Kazakhstan hospital, further keeping her from school. She may be moved to an orphanage 350 miles from where she is now. She will be separated from her sister and it will be much more difficult and costly for us to send packages. The packages and letters will only be delivered a few times a year. We are praying Nina is not moved.

We sent her first package with gifts just for her. These are the first things she has owned. Everything else she wears comes from a bin holding clothes for all the children. For her eighth birthday, we had a party planned for her with "her family." The orphanage groups the children into individual familes who they live and dine with. I think this is s good thing. We also arranged for her to be included in an outing to a movie and dinner. This was her first outing.

My true and loyal friend, Louise, is sponsoring Nina's sister, Ira. It is so great both of these young girls who have had such difficult lives now have people who care.

If we can help make a little girl smile and feel someone loves and cares about her, our hearts will feel happiness where there has been so much pain since January 16th. There are many children like Nina and Ira in this orphanage who need sponsors. If anyone would like to improve the life of one of them, please contact Ken and/or me. In the mean time, please keep all these orphans in your prayers.