Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update on the Valiquette kids

Michael and Allison are doing well at Shenendehowa and Siena. Along with Michael winning the Karigon logo his name is going to be on a book cover, I'll explain. Several years ago there was a lady that was in an abusive relationship and her husband eventually beat her to death. Although that is very sad the best friend of the lady wrote a book about it. She conducted a national search for the book cover and Michael submitted a photo that won. So the short of it is that his picture will be the book cover. He gets to go to Minnesota for the book signing and he is very excited about that. His track coach told him he will most likely get a division 1 scholarship for track so we are hoping the combination of track & field and his knack for graphic design will get him into a good college. Allison is doing very well at Siena. So far this semester she has straight A's. Hopefully that will get her into Notre Dame for law school with no problems. She moved into a dorm room and that took some time getting used to. To summarize, both kids are very smart and doing well. Thank god they don't take after their father.
Love to all
Joe Val

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A song Kara learned at school

Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a heater, accidentally turned it on and burnt his little weiner!! Sang by my 8 year old, with bright mischevious eyes at bed time. Perfect time of day to mention that singing about weiners at school is not super duper appropriate. Just thought I'd share......
Love, Kristen

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Trip Down Memory Lane

Forty-one years ago this coming September, Ken and I were married and spent our honey moon in Miami, Florida. We stayed at the Sherry Frontenac Hotel for a week. While here in Deerfield, we decided to visit Miami and see what the Sherry Frontenac looked like now. Seeing the building was disappointing, but going into the lobby brought back lots of wonderful memories. The pool area didn't look the same to me, but Ken said it did to him. It was fun reminiscing. The Sherry Frontenac is not a place I would stay at now, but seeing it again was well worth the trip.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ryan Family Vacation

The best part of our trip to Florida had to be seeing everyone - we never saw that many Ryan's when we were in NY! Thanks to everyone that got together at Uncle Chucky's and Aunt Susie's on such short notice! Although it was a short visit it was great to see everyone and yes, both kids were fast asleep before we got to the hotel and stayed asleep until morning even after that can of soda! Of course as you've seen we also had a great time watching Ryan, Kaitlyn and Carrick enjoy a day at Disney World - it's a good thing all the kids like the Haunted Mansion. Enjoy the pictures and thanks again to everyone for making the trip even more worthwhile.

Shawn, Jen, Kaitlyn and Carrick