Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Update!!!

Hello Everyone...

First want to say thank you to everyone for their tremendous support in dealing with the loss of Eric...without your love and support we would not be able to try to get through this difficult time.

Some positive news....from me and Mandy.......ITS A BOY!!!!!!! (Due August 25th)

We are excited and looking forward to it...and going to try to use Eric's middle name as the middle name...(James) so looking for a good first name...any suggestions???

Here is the 18 week ultrasound pic...pretty cool...

Hope everyone is doing well and hope to see you soon...


Dave and Mandy

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kara and Emily

Hi Everyone! Kara lost her first tooth last Friday. In the picture I've included, she did her own makeup and hair. I haven't decided if I'm proud or disturbed:) Must also include a very adorable picture of Em. She's learning to pose from her big sis!! Love to all!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Darby swabbing the deck

Barb visiting Fl

Barb is leaving today. Tried to get her to stay longer but Kenny is missing her. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Expanding the Family....

Hello all....

Was going to wait a little longer but looks like Aunt Barb already

Mandy is pregnant....4 months...due date is August 25th...

We are going to find out on March 20th is its a boy or a girl...

Just wanted to share...will post more info as we go.....
Dave and Mandy

Hi! I'm In Sunny Florida!

I arrived in Florida yesterday. Aunt Suzy and Uncle Wes were at the airport to meet me. I cried when I saw my sister. I need to spend time with her. Aunt Suzy and Uncle Chuckie couldn't make me feel more at home than I do. We had dinner at Wes and Sue's last night. Skipp and Peg were there, too. It was a great reunion and dinner was delicious! There is nothing like family. I miss all my family back home. Wish we could all be here together. Ken, Kristen, Shelley, Corey, Don, Zach, Kara-me, Emily and Alex - I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!! But my week here will fly by. Hope not too fast. Have a great day, everyone!!