Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hi! I'm In Sunny Florida!

I arrived in Florida yesterday. Aunt Suzy and Uncle Wes were at the airport to meet me. I cried when I saw my sister. I need to spend time with her. Aunt Suzy and Uncle Chuckie couldn't make me feel more at home than I do. We had dinner at Wes and Sue's last night. Skipp and Peg were there, too. It was a great reunion and dinner was delicious! There is nothing like family. I miss all my family back home. Wish we could all be here together. Ken, Kristen, Shelley, Corey, Don, Zach, Kara-me, Emily and Alex - I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!! But my week here will fly by. Hope not too fast. Have a great day, everyone!!

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