Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sam in Madrid

I am heeding Aunt Barbara's call for postings. The only "news" I can share is that Samantha is spending the semester in Madrid. It is off to a great start - she is staying with a sweet older couple who are housing 5 additional (female) students; the house is in the heart of Madrid so she is enjoying being close to the action and her university; the classes are challenging (not the "blow off" classes one might hope for) but interesting; and she has made many friends in addition to those from her US college, Chapman University, that are also studying in the city. She had a fun time visiting France for two days with Adam, Karen and her grandparents. Scott and I were so jealous but happy that they all had such a great trip and that Sammy got to see family since she'll be gone for (gulp) 4 months. And let's face it, Sam and Adam have fun in Clifton Park so they totally enjoyed taking France by storm. While Sam enjoys her studies and the European life Scott and I count the days until she returns. I miss IMing and calling her every day (I sound like a hovering parent but I'm not) as the time change makes it tough to match our schedules, but it is working out better every week. So, Sammy is off on a great adventure :) I hope all is well with each of you and that you are enjoying the increased hours of sunlight as the days grow longer. Thanks, Aunt Barbaba, for taking the time and effort to create such a nice (and user-friendly) place for us to keep in touch. xoxo - Kiki

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Barb said...

Christine, you always do want makes me happy!!
Aunt Barb