Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Hines Man had his last day at work today. It was an emotional day for him, having worked at KAPL for almost 41 years. Now he can do lots of the things he never had time or energy to do. He also looks forward to spending time with those four miracles God brought to our family. Saturday we leave for Florida with Timmy and Ginny to celebrate with Ken, relaxing on Deerfield Beach. It is a great way to ease into retirement:-)

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Don, Michelle, Zachary, and Alexander said...

Congrats Dad! We are happy that Mom has someone to clean with, drive for her, listen to her - - - -OOPS I meant spend time with:) I do find it odd that when someone asked me what you did for 41 years I couldn't actually give them an answer. What is it that you did again?