Monday, June 2, 2008

Two Weeks in Deerfield

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Our vacation began so great. We drove to the beach the first night and just sat and looked at the sunset. It was just beautiful. Sunday morning it was off to the beach in the morning and we spent the afternoon at the pool, listening to our music and just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. Then Monday arrived. Ginny woke up not feeling at all well, with pains in the middle of her chest and going around to her back. By 8pm she decided it was time to visit West Boca Raton Medical Center.

We arrived around 9pm. She was brought right in and shortly there after told she had gall stones and pancreatitis. Her gall bladder had to be removed, but not until the pancreatitis was under control. After being given mega doses of antibiotics, Wednesday it was decided surgery would take place Thursday.

OK, fine. Let's get it over with. She was told a Dr. Mallis would be performing the surgery. Thursday morning came and she still hadn't meet this phantom doctor. Tim, Ken and I accompanied her to the operating room and were told to wait in the waiting room. We were also told the surgery would take approximately 45 minutes. One hour went by; two hours went by. Tim was starting to get upset and said we should have gone home for the surgery. Now I have to tell you Ginny was told if she didn't have the surgery as soon as possible, it could be fatal. Would you have gone home?

Three hours passed and Tim's cell phone rang just as a nurse was walking toward him. Jen was on the phone and told him her Mom was in recovery. Tim asked how she knew that. Jen replied she had called the hospital and that is what she was told. The nurse confirmed it and Tim's voice began to get louder. He informed the nurse his wife had not even met her surgeon and it took his daughter in New York to tell him surgery was over. He was not a happy camper, to say the least.

Ginny was brought to her room and informed that Dr. Mallis did not do her surgery. Dr. Strick -something, whom she had previously met, did the surgery. Shortly thereafter, he came into her room and smoothed everything over. It was quite a time to say the least. And I can not believe Ginny took it in such stride. She was released Friday and immediately "started her vacation." We shopped, went to the pool every afternoon and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Ken, Tim and I got to go to the beach every morning the second week, too.

Deerfield Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches Ken and I have been to. We love it so much we have rented a place to stay just a half a block from the same beach we enjoyed with Tim and Ginny. Their condo is awesome, and so homey and comfortable. If Ginny hadn't needed surgery, our vacation would have been perfect. Ken and I just thank God Tim was not alone going through this. Things happen for a reason, I guess.