Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ryan's Day At The Circus Sept 2008

Ryan had a very enjoyable day at the Circus. We got there early so that we could try on all the costume's . He just loved that part. We ate our usual junk. Cotton Candy and Popcorn. He loved every bit of it. I think the most enjoyable part for Tim and I was when we were driving home and he kept asking Papa if he would help him
set up a circus in his home. When we got home he immediately set forth to making a 3 Ring Circus and inacted all the events that we saw. It was hysterical. From the costume to asking for audience participation. What and imagination that boy has. We just loved spending the day with him and being able to make a very special memory not all for Ryan but for Tim and I. I guess
that what life's all about. How do you put a price tag on memories it PRICELESS.
Thanks again Ryan for giving Mama and Papa a day to remember.


Barb said...

Ginny and Timmy, Ryan is a wonderful little boy. He is so lucky to have you both for his Mamma and Papa. And you both are so lucky to have Ryan for your grandson. Like my Dad always said, "It's all about making memories." That's what Ken and I spend our lives doing, too, and love every minute of it.
Nana to five

Anonymous said...

I still remember my first trip to the Circus. I think it was my only trip to the circus, but it was exciting so I can relate to Ryan's joyous day. I thought I was rich because I was able to buy the glossy, overpriced program - it didn't take much back then. So glad Ryan enjoyed the day with his super grandparents. xoxoxo - Kiki