Monday, February 23, 2009

Breaking News - Mike Valiquette

This appeared on the Shenendehowa Central School web site. Wanted to share it with the family:

Posted 2/17/08
Mike Valiquette, HS East 11th grade student, has won the design contest to create Karigon’s New Logo! Karigon’s Class of 2008 fifth graders decided upon a “Puzzle Piece Logo” sign for the outside of the school as their gift. The next step will be to turn this logo into a sign which will be placed on the outside of Karigon. Congratulations Mike!

Congratulations, Mike from all of us:~)


Anonymous said...

Great Job Mike.
Aunt Ginny Uncle Tim

Anonymous said...

congratulations Mike

Aunt Peggy & Uncle Skipp

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's fantastic Michael. Hey, could you draw all my diagrams for me for science???? My students laugh at me whenever I attempt a drawing. I wish that skill ran in the family! Congratulations to you! :)
Jen, Mike, and Ryan