Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kaitlyn has started soccer and had her first game on Friday night. There is nothing better then watching a 3 year old soccer game. I don't know what was funnier though - the kids playing or Coach Shawn Daddy trying to keep 4 kids on the field at one time - no more and no less! Kaitlyn had a lot of fun and Carrick enjoyed watching her though he would have preferred to have been out there himself. He likes to yell, "GOOOOOO KAITLYN!" Then he tries to run on the field to tackle her, too bad it isn't football.

Carrick is Kaitlyn's shadow at all times but he is enjoying his free time with me when she is at school which is going well for her. No tears at all not even the first day (I'm not sure how I should take that!) Just kidding, we are very proud of her, it couldn't have been easy but she is doing great. Ok, enough about Kaitlyn, let's get back to my little man. He is quite a baseball player. We no longer let him hit inside because it's just asking for trouble.

We hope everyone is doing well and hope to see everyone the next time we are in town.


Barb said...

Jen, finally, some pictures of Kaitlyn and Carrick. Thank you for posting and sharing with us what you family is up to. Being so far from all of us, we don't get to see you, Shawn, Kaitlyn and Carrick. Please post again soon.
Love ya,
Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

Jen and Shawn, The kids are getting so big now. I'm sure "Daddy" is enjoying all the games just as much as the kids. We watched Seth and Jake and you are right about how funny it is to watch 3 yr olds play. Sometimes they even run to the wrong side of the field but things do get better.
Aunt Peggy and Uncle Skipp

Dave Ryan said...

awesome Bro...great pics...

they are so cute and little Cameron will have some great role models!!!

proud of you and love you guys


Anonymous said...

Shawn and Jen, the kids are so cute. Enjoy soccer and all the fun activities of fall. Love, Karen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. We love seeing the kids enjoy sports! We should have a serious soccer game at the next picnic :)

Love to all -

Anonymous said...

Shawn and Jen,
So happy to hear from all of you. The kids are growing up so fast!! When are you coming up to visit? We'd love to see you!