Monday, September 8, 2008

Ryan's First Day of Pre-School

Today was Ryan's first day of Pre-school at St. Pius X. I spoke to him on the phone before he went and he told me that he was off to make new friends! Upon returning home, he jumped out of the car and told me that he "made the bestest friend in the whole wide world!" Of course, he didn't remember his name, but there's always tomorrow!


Don, Michelle, Zachary, and Alexander said...

That's great! I am so glad that Ryan had a good day. I hope yours was good too. Toodles:)

Anonymous said...

My boy is growing up.School starts a whole new adventure in life.
Enjoy school,and enjoy everyday.

Love ya all the ABC's.

Barb said...

Ryan is a fantastic kid. He will make many friends and enjoy his time in school. I love every minute I see him. He has the greatest support group - his family!
Love ya Ryan,
Aunt Barbara

Dave Ryan said...

Lookin good Ry-Guy...!!!

Good luck at school...

Dave, Mandy, Cameron and Sam

Anonymous said...

Jen, I am crazy about that pic. I am sure Ryan will have lots of fun at school. Take care, Karen

Anonymous said...

Jen - that boy is the sweetest ever...wait, Seth and Jake are the sweetest boys ever, but then again, Adam is the ....OK - they all rock!


Anonymous said...

Jen and Mike,
Ryan looks so cute!! I hope he loves school. The girls and I have enjoyed seeing him this summer!