Saturday, December 20, 2008

Remainder of Money for Orphans

Hi family. I have been told the box Ken and I sent to Nina for her Holiday arrived, but the 3 we sent for her family have not. I am a bit unnerved. I'll let you all know the minute I hear they are safe at the orphanage.

We have $220.09 left of the $1030 we donated. I contacted Laura and Apryl from the Antares Foundation asking for areas where funds are needed. Here is where I thought a donation would be a great help.

We donated $50 for meat for the children's Holiday meal. Diane, who has diabetes, we sent $20 for sugar free snacks for the New Year's party. She doesn't usually get snacks unless someone sends them to her.

The Foundation sets up Siblings Reunions where siblings living in different orphanages are brought together for a few hours to spend time together. Please go to the Antares Foundation blog (link is on right side of our blog) and look at the pictures of the last reunion.We donated $50 toward the cost of the next reunion.

The Regional Boarding School Orphanage is also in need of plates and bowls. They do not have enough for all the children. We are donating $50 toward purchase of these necessities.

That leaves us with $50.09. I will hold this money until a request is made that will make the lives of these orphans a little easier. (The $.09 will go into next years pot!)

Again, thank you for your generosity. These children will have a Merry Christmas because our family and Ken's family cared:~)

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