Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December '08 Ice Storm We Won't Forget

December 12 at about 12:30 am the power went out at 16 Bentley Drive and ice started forming every where. Trees and everything green were encased in thick ice. By morning the sound of branches breaking and trees being uprooted was all you could hear. It actually sounded like guns being fired.

The first picture is the tree outside our living room windows. We lost limbs from it, but fortunately when the temperature warmed up and the wind started howling Sunday, the ice disappeared and our tree returned to its normal shape.

The second picture just shows the weight forcing the tree limbs downward.

The third picture is of our back yard. It looks like a winter wonderland. But, believe me, Ken will be cutting up trees for quite a while. We will have lots of wood for fires.

Our power came back on Monday afternoon. We can not believe the devastation caused by this storm. There are downed trees every where and gigantic branches just hanging from mature trees. It is very sad to know some of these trees took years to get to their size and a minute to be destroyed.

I don't think I was ever so frightened during a storm in my life. I thank God we had the fireplace to keep us somewhat warm.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that none of you or your homes were damaged. This storm reminds me of the sotrm of October 1987. Because it was October, if you all remember, there were still leaves on the trees and so the ice had an even worse impact on the trees themsleves, power lines, etc. and power was out for 4 or 5 days in Waterford and weeks in the North Country and other areas. I remember this because Sam was only 3 weeks old and therefore needed heat - so her and I packed a bag and stayed at my Aun't Gracies for a few days (she was lucky to have power restored quickly) and was kind enough to take us in). It was an adventure, that's for sure, and I learned some new card games from my aunt and grandmother during my stay :)

I always enjoyed being "trapped" with family during storms and power outages. Seth was hoping Karen would need to stay with them for days, but her power ended up coming on in 24 hrs or so - good for Karen, disappointing for Seth :)

Hope you all have power and are happy and warm. Scott, Sam and I miss the company of family!!! We hope you are enjoying the holiday season and send our love from Los Angeles :)

xo -