Wednesday, January 21, 2009

North Carolina Blizzard

We finally received our first snow of the year and yes, this amount of snow closed school for 2 days and Shawn got 1 day off for it! The kids had a blast, Kaitlyn sledding for the first time and Carrick throwing snowballs. Hope everyone is doing well.

Love, Shawn, Jen, Kaitlyn and Carrick


Anonymous said...

The kids look like the are having a blast in the snow. They are growing so fast..
Aunt Peggy & Uncle Skipp

Barb and Ken said...

Great pictures, Shawn and Jen. I loved seeing the kids at the Christening. They had such a great time with all their cousins. Hope to see you all again soon.
Aunt Barb

Dave Ryan said...

I bet that snowball was aimed at Shawny Boy...hahaha

Great pics...thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of the Ryan kids. Boy oh boy are they growing.Thanks for posting them Mandy, Dave, Jen and Shawn. Keep them coming. Love Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

I love the snowman and Carrick's expression. They are too funny. Hope you had fun with your snow day.