Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Kaz Kids with their Gifts!

Here are pictures of Nina's family, Family #9, receiving their gifts. I see lots of smiles in these pictures. All of you made these smiles and this party possible for these wonderful children. Below is the note I was sent with the children's pictures:

Hi Barb,
Yay! The packages were delivered earlier today!!! Attached are the photos. Nina looks great! Thank you and your family so much for doing something special for Family 9! The children's excitement is evident in many of the photos! This meant a lot to them---especially the fact that they EACH got something! I thought you did a great job picking out items to send! Thanks again!

It is all your donations that made it possible for each of these children to have a holiday celebration where they felt special. It may not have happened on the Holiday - but it happened. Those smiles were put on those faces by all of you. Please go to (a link is on the right side of this blog) and read what Laura, one of our contacts to the orphanage, wrote about all of you and your generosity to these wonderful children. You know the saying: "But for the grace of God . . . . "

Thank you doesn't say all we feel. I hope you enjoy the show!
Ken and Barb


Anonymous said...

Kudo's to our family for bringing smiles to these children.I must admit each gift was purchased with alot of thought of how the child would like their gift. It is so sad to think that this is all they receive for Christmas when our family is so blessed. It should make each and everyone that contributed to this great event realize that we are truly a compassion it family. We certainly know the true meaning of Christmas. Lets hope next year we can continue this tradition to put smiles and hope on children that have far less then ours. Happy New Year - Hines and Ryan Family.

Barb and Ken said...

Providing all we did for these children made my Christmas. Just looking at the smiles on their faces put a smile on mine. I just can not thank all of you enough for making their Holiday happy for them.